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The Italian company Leonardo Helicopters proceeded to ground testing of new rotor for helicopters, executed on technology of active rotor. According to Aviation Week, verification will take several months, after which the developers will install new rotor blades on AW139 helicopter and undertook their flight tests. The first flight is scheduled for this summer.
Propellers of helicopters create noise showstopper their use near residential settlements. In addition, it is very difficult to precisely balance the rotor that coupled with different air density layers, while during the flight, leading to strong vibrations. Such vibration while and blanked a special device will still reduce the resource the main rotor.

The active system, developed by Leonardo rotor Helicopters would eliminate some drawbacks bearing screws helicopters. In particular, the new blade screws installed small “flaps”. It is expected that fluctuations in propeller blades rotation will be extinguished deviation “flaps”. These items will be used to compensate for the heeling moment of the rotor.

On the evaluation system of the Italian company active rotor will reduce the main rotor vibration by at least 90 per cent. This same system will increase the maximum speed of a helicopter at ten percent. This will significantly optimized the rotor and engine for many flight modes, including cruising horizontal.

Develop active rotor is carried out by the Italian company in the framework of the Pan-European program Clean Sky, involving the creation of new types of helicopters. These helicopters must be different from existing machines more efficiency and ecological compatibility. In addition, they should be more quiet.

Leonardo Helicopters, in addition to active rotor within the program Clean Sky is setting up a tail rotor electric powered helicopter. Such a decision would greatly facilitate the design of the aircraft due to the phase-out of cardan shafts and intermediate gearboxes, required to drive from the tail rotor gearbox bearing.

Electric steering screw would be useful, for example, transport helicopters and medical evacuation helicopters. At the time of loading on Earth will stop pilots steering screw without bearing. This will make the process of loading safer, and take off after its completion is faster.


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