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European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approved an increase in maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of medium helicopter dvuhdvigatel’nogo Airbus Helicopters H175, with 7500 kg up to 7800 kg. This allows operators to gain additional payload 300 kg or increased range to 40 nautical miles. Increased takeoff weight gives operators greater flexibility, especially in offshore operations.
An increase in MTOW occurs without any additional cost to the customer and only requires updated flight manuals and technical operation. The first H175, receiving this update already operate flights in the North Sea.
Also EASA certified H175 for flights in icing conditions limited. In addition, offshore operators H175 soon will be able to automated approaches to oil platforms.

In addition, new features are approved in Russia, Mexico and Australia, paving the way for commissioning H175 in new regions. Certification in the United States, Malaysia, Canada and Brazil will follow later.
Currently in operation is the twelve medium-sized twin-engined helicopters H175.


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