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Company Milestone Aviation Group (part of the GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS)), which specializes in leasing helicopters, within the framework of the exhibition the Heli-Expo 2017 signed a contract for the purchase of Airbus helicopter Helicopters H145, H135 and H175 mainly in medical configuration. The deal will amount to 200 million euros, and deliveries will begin in the middle of the year 2017. The current fleet of helicopters Milestone includes more than 60 Airbus helicopters Helicopters, including H130, H135, H145, H155, H175 and H225. In the year 2016 Milestone acquired 10 Airbus helicopters Helicopters H145.
We remind that in late 2014, one of the leaders of aviation leasing, GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) expanded its business by helicopter direction. The American company announced its intention to acquire all of the assets of Milestone Aviation Group, specializing in leasing helicopters. Deal amount totaled 1.775 billion dollars.
According to the President of GECAS, Sherina Milestone acquisition China allowed “to diversify the business and put capital into circulation with a good impact and deepen expertise in key industries for us: aviation and oil and gas sector.
According to GE’s financing deals with helicopters is a fast-growing segment. Now based in Ireland, the Milestone is the largest helicopter lessor, whose portfolio includes 168 helicopters total cost of $2.8 billion, as well as contracts and options on medium and heavy helicopters for $3 billion. Enjoy the company’s service three dozen operators, mostly employed in servicing offshore work, search and rescue and medical evacuation.
Even five years ago, the leasing market helicopters was in its infancy. Milestone was formed in 2010, it was led by Richard Santulli, creator of the fractional ownership model in business aviation and a former President of operator NetJets. The company stimulated lessors do helicopter business, he followed, in particular, Lease Corp. International (last year invested 100 million dollars in helicopter direction, plans to expand the Park to 90 units) and Waypoint Leasing.
Helicopter operators saw this as an opportunity to expand the Park and diversification of business without the need to increase investment. So, the park operator Bristow Group, included three leaders of the helicopter market, now a quarter consists of leased equipment, and the company intends to increase this proportion to at least third.


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