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April 28 at the site of the Arsen′evskoj aviation company “progress” to them. N.i. Sazykina holding “Russia helicopters” (included in “Corporation Rustech”) flew the first prototype (op-1) medium multipurpose helicopter Ka-62. The rise in the “hovering” took place within the manufacturer’s flight tests and completed successfully.

OP-1 Ka-62 performed away from Earth to assess his overall health and inspection works of the main power supply systems and on-board equipment. The helicopter rose into the air, the pilots-verifiers the name Nikolai Kamov Design Bureau, which is the main developer of the Kamov Ka-62. Previously, the machine has successfully passed a series of tests in the mode of land races.

“It’s very important for holding” Russia helicopters “event and a natural result of our work,” said the General Director of Alexander Mikheev. -“The new Ka-62 will be a worthy addition to the civil versions of the honored and the mass in the world Mil Mi-8/17, closing extremely demanded niche in class helicopter takeoff weight 6-7 tons.

Ka-62 was designed to perform a variety of tasks. The main application of Ka-62 include the transportation of passengers, rescue operations, as well as work in the oil and gas field. Thanks to its spacious and comfortable cabin, the helicopter is ideal for corporate transport. High level of helicopter allows us to provide a wide range of heights in its operation. Ka-62 can be used in hot climates and to fly over the sea.


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