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According to independent research efforts Airbus Helicopters to improve the quality of customer support led to a significant reduction of direct costs for maintenance and repairs (DMC) and direct operating costs (DOC) helicopters H125, H130 and H135. Reducing the cost of operating these models will further enhance their competitiveness on the market.
The study, published late last year by the American consulting firm Conklin and de Decker, indicative of reducing direct operating costs and direct costs for maintenance and repair of model H135 at 15%, making it the most competitive in the segment of light twin-engined helicopters. Also noted a significant reduction in costs of maintenance and repair of helicopters N125 and H130-now they are lower than the cost of the helicopters of the nearest competitor at 8% and 2% respectively.
“The basis of our everyday work-the desire to improve customer satisfaction and competitiveness of our helicopters. Reduction in direct costs for maintenance and repairs, as well as the direct operating costs of the helicopters, N125 H130 and H135-an important result of our efforts. The benefits of these improvements will benefit customers the models occupy strong positions in the world market, “said Mathieu Luvo (Matthieu Louvot), Airbus Executive Vice President client support Helicopters and after-sales service.
Reduce operating costs have been able to achieve a number of improvements: from replacing components with the deadline for exploitation (SLL) service system “as” increased overhaul (TBO) of individual parts, in particular, for model H135. Efforts have been made to reduce the number of ground personnel and raise the level of operational helicopters H125 and H130. Over the past four years, Airbus also reduced rates under the program services components (PBH, Parts-by-the-Hour) for the helicopter at 19% H135. The program aims to reduce the downtime of helicopters, optimizing maintenance costs and reducing warehouse of spare parts.
Innovative service package HCare designed Airbus Helicopters, provides customers with support and solutions to improve the readiness of helicopters for operation and maintenance planning optimization. HCare integrates solutions for logistics, maintenance and modernisation of helicopters, technical support, training, and flight operation, and electronic services. A flexible set of options allows you to maintain a high level of security and the successful flights.


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