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The U.S. company Bell Helicopter (part of Textron Inc.) in the framework of the exhibition, held in Detroit, Heli-Expo 2017 referred the first Bell Jet Ranger X 505 (serial number 003). The proud owner of the first machine became Scott Urshel’, owner of Pylon Aviation, based in the city of Chandler.
Bell has more than 450 letters of intent on the Jet Ranger X and is in the process of translating them into firm orders. According to the Director General of the producer Mitch Snyder, Bell this year plans to release about 50 new 505, and the base cost of the helicopter is in the area of $1 million. The Canadian subdivision Bell more 100 employees from 900 runs in 505 program.
In November 2016 year Bell Helicopter (and Mecaer Aviation Group (MAG) and the new version of VIP Interior for a Bell Jet Ranger X 505. Feedback partners, build cabin components will be produced at the production facilities in Italy, Mecaer Aviation Group (Monteprandone). the client can choose from several finish options and configurations.
Bell Jet Ranger 505 X-light helicopter powered by a quintuple Turbomeca Arrius 2R, FADEC system, cruising speed of 232 km/h, a range of 667 km, 680 kg payload. It offers clients helicopter offers a fully integrated “glass cockpit” in order to reduce the load of the pilot, a great overview for the crew and avionics G1000H. An additional safety feature is the vysokoinercionnyj rotor, which gives excellent opportunities windmilling.


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